Area Rugs- How to Pick 'Em!

Area rugs add a functional as well as aesthetic warmth - in addition to a soft comfort to any room. An area rug can be interesting enough to be a conversation piece or it can be simple and serene. Sometimes we will begin our room design with a rug and build the furnishings around it, including the art and accessories.

We often choose the size of the rug based on the layout of the room. For example, you can put all of the feet of the furniture on the rug, or you can put just the front legs on it as in the rendering below. The rug selected is an 9′ x 11′ and gives enough room for you to maneuver around the furniture. Keep in mind that based on the actual size of your furnishings, you may need to go bigger or smaller. Not all couches are created equal.

Another option is to get a rug large enough to hold all four legs of all of the furniture. This is the best solution when you have a very open concept and are trying to differentiate your seating areas. Keep in mind that a bigger rug = bigger price, so we do our best to save our clients money (without sacrificing design aesthetic) by using smaller rugs in the living areas whenever we can. Note there ARE variations, these are not hard and fast rules. Your sofa may be on the rug entirely, while your chairs may only have their front legs on the rug, or vice versa, and ditto with end tables. Just make sure your furniture isn’t wobbly if it’s half on / half off.

Although sometimes you must have all four “legs” on the rug as in the photo below…because these are swivel chairs and they would swivel you right off any imbalance from the rug to floor. This is a 9′ x 9′ square rug.

When it comes to the dining room, you must be able to fit all of your furniture all of the way on the rug AND have room for the dining chairs to slide in and out. I prefer shorter pile rugs for this, otherwise it feels like you’re stuck in sand trying to get up from the table (especially after a couple of glasses of wine). The one below is an 8′ x 10′ , we would recommend an area rug that is 9′ x 11′ if your dining table has a leaf that can be added to the table to extend.

In most instances, you’ll center the dining table under the chandelier and the rug centered under both. In the photo below, the client did not want the area rug encroaching on the

walkway, so the rug is a li