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Adding a pop of Citrus for Spring

Wow, didn’t this winter seem like it was never ending? The dreary Covid news from around the world, the forced social isolation and all the loss and grief connected to it and the bitter cold and gray made it especially hard to enjoy winter’s bounty. But, spring is now in the air and with the visits from our migratory friends and the new signs of life on the ground and trees, I am starting to feel the weight of the world disappear. The rays of sunshine, radiating through the skies is lifting my spirits and allowing me to emerge from my hibernation. I can finally enjoy the outdoors, resume my evening walks and relish the new signs of life around me. I know many are still suffering as we navigate and live through a historic pandemic, but I hope you all are being kind to yourselves and savoring the little wins- a sunny day, the fresh waft of spring air through your windows and the beautiful singing of the birds Spring is a rebirth, a new beginning, a fresh take, lets enjoy the newness of this season.

So, in the spirit of rejuvenation and warmth, why not take a little inspiration from Mother Nature and add a little flavor to your life and home? To me citrus colors represent spring and all its glory. These vibrant colors are fun to decorate and play with and just a little splash here and there can make a bold statement. The beauty of citrus hues and schemes is that they never go out of style, and pop out against almost any backdrop. They enliven and rejuvenate the home and bring so much joy. Personally, I love using a citrus color accessory with a neutral piece of furniture. The main accent color in the design featured in the image was blue, and you can see how by adding just a touch of citrus really helps bring the design to life.

Here are a few tips for you to experiment and play with different citrus colored accessories from Anthropologie. They are fun and also kind on your wallet.

Turquoise and Orange

Orange is a great alternative to the once popular and now overused red accent color. I love these tangerine and turquoise pillows, I can see them being placed on four chairs in a formal living room for a beautiful color pop.

Citrus Colored Master Bedroom

This yellow bedding Anthropologie has out right now is fun and light and we all could use a refresh in our bedrooms right now, right?

Don't Overlook Your Shower Curtains!

You can also use citrus accents in other rooms. This shower curtain really makes a beautiful statement in this guest bathroom. The fabric has turquoise and chartreuse colors that bring a bit of color to the otherwise serene bathroom.

Radiate in your seat!

If you want to be bolder, don’t just limit yourself to citrus accents or accessories. Look at this gorgeous upholstered Anthropologie chair with bold citrus colors. I mean we survived 2020 can we all just start living again? In this chair, yes please. It's time.

So what do you think? Do you think you are ready for some citrusy splash around your home? If you need a hand working these colors or any other favorites into your decor, give me a call. I would love to help! (215) 837-5060

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